A Lawsuit Against MuscleTech


A MuscleTech lawsuit is filed against the company named Muscle Tech, Inc. This company is an innovator of bodybuilding equipment that has been sold all over the country. In the late 90’s, MuscleTech started producing fitness equipment like the trampoline, exercise bike, and the vertical jump trainer. They even created a line of workout supplements that are extremely popular with professional athletes, bodybuilders, and celebrities. The problem is that this innovative company did not take proper care of their intellectual property rights.

MuscleTech Lawsuit

The founder of MuscleTech, Larry Gile, received numerous letters of complaints from his customers regarding the harms caused by using their products. Gile took these complaints to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which enforces the US patents. According to the USPTO site, MuscleTech was sued in the state of Georgia by a man who suffered from serious injuries resulting from using their products. The company quickly changed their product formula in response to the lawsuit. Although the MuscleTech lawsuit did not specify the injuries, the Georgia court found that the company did fail to warn their customers of the potential dangers.

The Georgia court found that the company failed to train their users on the safety measures involved in using their products.

For instance, the company failed to include warnings about the possibility of serious injury from the vertical jump trainer. Also, the company failed to instruct the users on how to properly use and store the trampoline components. Finally, the company failed to train their users on how to appropriately care for the trampoline parts.

The company was also accused of failing to appropriately train employees on the safety measures involved.

Employees were not taught on how to properly handle and store the hazardous product. The company was also not taught on how to properly dispose of the dangerous product. All employees and workers are therefore individually liable for the injuries that they sustained while working for the company. The company is also liable for the costs incurred due to the injury.

However, The Muscle Tech lawsuit did not claim that the company was at fault per se.

This was not proven by the court though. Rather, the company was only found liable for the conduct of its employees. The court found that the company was liable for failing to train its employees on the use and care for the product. It is also found that the company failed to properly exercise its duty of care for the injury of its customers.

As such, the lawsuit is being contested by the company.

In addition to paying compensation to the injured persons, MuscleTech has also been ordered to pay its employees for their loss and pain. These employees have been suffering from back, leg, and joint injuries. For this reason, MuscleTech is being fined an amount equal to one thousand dollars in damages. The company is also required to implement safety programs that will prevent the recurrence of injuries and accidents. An additional amount of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars will be added to the fine to be paid by the defendant.

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