AutoZone Lawsuit – Are You Filing A Claim For Injuries At Your Store?

A lawsuit filed by a customer who claims he was injured due to the negligence of an autozone salesperson is scheduled to be heard by a federal judge in Houston. According to information supplied by the plaintiff, a salesperson at the car lot “kept on asking questions that made it difficult for me to understand what I had ordered”.

The customer claims that when he asked the car lot clerk to explain the terms of the order, he received a “smile and a blank stare” and was told again to order. This action caused him to lose his temper and subsequently fell unconscious. He woke up with a bruise on his face and swelling in his ears.

An autozone attorney representing the company claims the store manager is liable for failing to instruct the car lot clerk on proper customer service. In addition, he asserts that the store manager was negligent in allowing the auto lot clerk to keep coming into contact with customers. When the victim fell unconscious, the store manager had ample time to take precautions to protect other customers from injury.

In his lawsuit, the autozone customer also claims he suffered permanent injury as a result of being exposed to chemicals that were improperly labeled at the auto lot. The chemicals contained lead, which can cause health problems in the long run.

In addition, the autozone lawsuit also claims the store manager failed to inform the customers of the danger to their eyes and lungs associated with being around chemicals. The victim has requested that an expert examine the contents of the spray cans used by the auto lot clerk and also examined the store’s environment.

According to a source connected with the lawsuit, the plaintiff wants a jury to award him damages for pain and suffering, loss of wages, loss of income and medical expenses. The plaintiff has been advised that a jury will award him more than the autozone attorney’s recommended settlement amount, so he plans to fight the case vigorously.

Autozone representatives have not commented on the lawsuit, but they did recently issue a statement saying the company believes the plaintiff is trying to intimidate the store and has been unsuccessful in getting them to agree to a settlement. They said the autozone store does not accept or handle any claims for which they are not the party responsible.

In response to the complaint, an autozone representative stated, “Autozone complies with all laws and regulations related to the sale of cars and also with our customer service policies, and guidelines. We do not believe the store manager has any liability.”

An Autozone attorney representing the store says the complaint is frivolous and unjustified. He says that the store’s policies were designed to protect customers. If the store’s policies were violated, the store owner, not the store manager, would be held liable. Therefore, it is unfair to hold the store responsible for the actions of an employee who failed to properly implement the policies.

According to the lawsuit, the store manager’s negligence led the victim to experience a series of attacks from others. This attack on the store’s reputation is what prompted the complaint filed against the store. The complaint is based on numerous incidents involving the victim and other customers at the store.

The store manager has not yet decided whether or not to file a suit. He claims the store does not accept responsibility for the attack and has determined that other employees were responsible for the incident. The store will pursue its case in court, if it decides to go forward.

There are no claims of liability against the store manager, and no evidence that the victim sustained an injury as a result of the attack. In fact, the store manager maintains that the attack occurred due to the negligence of other employees.

If you suffer an attack at the store, you should first consult with an Autozone attorney before you file a claim. This will ensure you are protected.

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