Bethesda False Advertisements Lawsuit

Two Bethesda, MD lawyers have filed a complaint against the Maryland Office of the Attorney General and the Maryland State Corporation Commission for allegedly failing to enforce the Proper Advertising Standards for real estate brokers in Maryland. The complaint names five companies and is scheduled for trial in July. If you live in Maryland, you may want to take a close look at this case. Here’s what you should know.

Bethesda False Advertisements Lawsuit

According to a news report from last year, the Maryland Attorney General’s Office received numerous complaints regarding false advertising by realtors. Specifically, the complaints involved the following: An investor was told by a Realtor that he could purchase a property in the town of Bethesda through a “Bethesda Home Broker”.

Although the broker’s name was not mentioned, the advertisement promoted a Realtor’s name. Next, there was another complaint that an investor was misled into purchasing a property in the town of New Britain by an advertisement for a Realtor that was located in Bethesda. In both instances, the investors were directed to the same Realtor and told that they were working with that particular Realtor when in fact they had been working with a different agent.

There is more to this story than meets the eye, however.

While the Attorney General is reviewing the complaint, they have received additional complaints concerning the matter of the advertisements themselves. Specifically, residents of Maryland have alleged that the Maryland Attorney General’s Office has a policy in place that requires that any complaint involving false advertising must be accompanied by an advertisement for that state’s attorney general. Additionally, the policy specifies that if there is an advertisement concerning false advertising that has been served in another state, the complaint must contain a statement that the complaint was served in the state in which the original complaint was filed.

It is important to understand that the complaint against the Maryland Attorney General is simply an allegation.

The plaintiffs are alleging a false advertising lawsuit. It is worth noting, though, that the complaint does not specify what constitutes false advertising or the type of advertising that was advertised. The complaint only names the Maryland Attorneys General as parties responsible for the action. The plaintiffs have not alleged that their ads contained any false or deceptive statements.

Because the complaint was not filed within the state in which the original lawsuit was filed, and because the complaint itself is simply an accusation, there is currently no jurisdiction over the Maryland Attorney General.

If the complaint had been so filed, it would have had to seek a writ of mandamus from the Maryland Court of Claims. Such a writ would have resulted in an order requiring the Maryland Attorney General to cease and desist from enforcing the statute. Such an order would have forced the Maryland Attorney General to refrain from enforcing the statute and could have resulted in a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement.

If you are a resident of Maryland, you may want to consider filing a complaint under the appropriate laws. Your state or county should have a statue of limitations on false advertising claims. You may also want to seek advice from an experienced advertising lawsuit attorney. He/she will be able to assist you with your lawsuit. You can contact him/her via email or by phone.

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