Birge & Held: Lawsuits and Legal Squabbles

Birge & Held, a real estate giant in the Midwest, has made a name for itself by snapping up apartment buildings across the country. But their rapid expansion hasn’t come without some legal roadblocks, leaving a trail of lawsuits and disgruntled tenants in its wake.

Claims of Negligence and Unfair Practices:

One major lawsuit, Cain v. Birge & Held Property Management, accuses the company of negligence leading to a resident’s injury. The case hinges on whether Birge & Held adequately maintained the property, raising concerns about safety standards in their buildings. This isn’t an isolated incident. The Better Business Bureau profile for Birge & Held Asset Management is peppered with complaints about poor maintenance, unresponsive management, and unfair eviction practices.

Navigating the Legal Maze:

Birge & Held isn’t shying away from these challenges. They’ve actively defended themselves in court, with recent filings like a motion for judgment on the pleadings in the Cain case. But the legal battles raise questions about their business practices and commitment to tenant well-being.

Beyond the Lawsuit:

The lawsuits are just one piece of the puzzle. Online reviews and forums paint a picture of frustrated residents dealing with issues ranging from pest infestations to communication breakdowns. This raises concerns about the company’s overall approach to tenant relations.

The Verdict Is Still Out:

It’s too early to say definitively whether Birge & Held’s legal troubles are mere bumps in the road or indicative of deeper problems. However, these lawsuits and complaints serve as a stark reminder that even successful businesses aren’t immune to scrutiny, especially when it comes to tenant safety and fair treatment.


What are the main allegations against Birge & Held?

Negligence leading to injury, poor maintenance, unresponsive management, and unfair eviction practices.

Are there any ongoing lawsuits against the company? Yes, Cain v. Birge & Held Property Management is one active case.

How has Birge & Held responded to these legal challenges?

They have actively defended themselves in court, filing motions and seeking judgment on the pleadings.

What are the implications of these lawsuits for Birge & Held?

They could damage the company’s reputation and lead to financial losses.

What can tenants do if they have concerns about their Birge & Held property?

They can document their concerns, communicate with management, and seek legal advice if necessary.

Where can I find more information about Birge & Held’s legal issues?

Public court records, the Better Business Bureau profile, and online reviews are all potential sources of information.

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As the story unfolds, it’s important to stay informed and hold Birge & Held accountable for their actions.


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