What Are the CrossFit Lawsuits?

CrossFit Lawsuits. CrossFit has certainly had some negative press in recent years. In 2021, an investigation was launched by a law firm in Ohio after nine out of ten athletes who signed up with the company came under investigation for health related issues.

The investigation discovered serious problems with the quality of CrossFit’s equipment and the kind of training given by its coaches.

Many CrossFit athletes have sustained serious injuries including torn muscles, stress fractures, back injuries, shoulder pain, head trauma, and numerous paralyzing spinal disorders. Several high level CrossFit athletes have contemplated retirement due to serious injury sustained while participating in CrossFit events. Some have lost their ability to run, lift, and dive. There is a substantial risk of personal injury when participating in any sort of sports competition where you are using or performing an activity in which your body is not conditioned or trained for.

In some of the more high profile lawsuits, the results were catastrophic.

One particular case was held in court by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There, CrossFit was sued by a man who suffered from severe back pain because he used the program in lieu of conventional exercise. The court found that CrossFit did not have a safe plan for back exercises, and ordered the company to pay him more than $300,000 as compensation.

CrossFit is a globally popular fitness and training program.

However, it is also facing increasing and widespread lawsuits arising from its extreme activities and the inadequate training provided to its members. Some of these lawsuits have been brought against CrossFit by individual fitness enthusiasts who signed up for the program but did not receive proper training. Others were brought against CrossFit by medical professional organizations that felt the workouts and exercises were dangerous for a variety of reasons. All of these lawsuits are essentially the same, and they all center on the same issues – lack of proper guidelines and training.

The lack of proper guidelines have been the primary cause for many of the lawsuits.

CrossFit does not require its members to obtain certification in athletic training or in medical practices. Therefore, it is legally bound not to implement any exercises that are outside of the guidelines that it provides. Although CrossFit claims that it provides a comprehensive range of exercises, it is not legally obligated to include any of the exercises in its program that are outside those that it provides.

These lawsuits do not necessarily mean that CrossFit is a fraudulent program or service.

The companies that bring them are simply using them to put CrossFit in a bad light. As with any lawsuit, it is important that you retain a qualified attorney who has experience with these lawsuits so that you can receive the fair compensation that you deserve. If you have sustained an injury as the result of participating in CrossFit, you may want to consult with an attorney who has experience in handling these lawsuits.

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