Ford Transmission Lawsuit

The Ford transmission lawsuit claims that the gearboxes of new cars were not designed with significant safety features in mind. While this is not true of all Ford vehicles, a malfunctioning gearbox can pose a serious safety risk. The suit also alleges significant safety concerns, including the cost of repairs. The attorneys at Stern Law PLLC represent plaintiffs in single cases and are seeking individual settlements. This article will outline the details of the Ford transmission lawsuit.

Ford PowerShift six-speed transmission

If you own a vehicle with a Ford PowerShift six-speed transmission, you may be eligible to receive compensation from Ford for the malfunction. The company settled the lawsuit with nearly two million owners in the US, but there’s no legal recourse for owners outside the U.S. The settlement follows an extensive report by the Detroit Free Press. Although the settlement is not enough to make Ford compensate its affected customers, it may be enough to end the saga once and for all.

The PowerShift six-speed transmission was recalled in February 2015 after customers complained about problems with the system. The company issued a document to consumers detailing the problems and a customer satisfaction program for dealers. It’s unclear if the midcycle fixes improved the quality of transmissions, but Ford expects that customers will be happy with the results. The automaker hasn’t disclosed the cost of the recall.

Reliability issues

Reliability issues in Ford transmission lawsuits can be a huge cause of vehicle recalls. Consumers have complained that they can’t shift into neutral, lose power, or experience no start. These problems can be caused by improper transmission calibration, which leads to malfunctions. A lawsuit alleging this will help Ford pay for the damage. In addition, the case can be useful for people who’ve lost their car’s resale value.

A Ford transmission lawsuit alleges that reliability issues began affecting vehicles in 2010 when the company was already aware of the problem. Nevertheless, Ford continued selling affected cars for $15,000 to $22,000 and paying for previous repairs. Bloomberg Law estimates that there are more than one thousand lawsuits related to the PowerShift transmission in Ford vehicles, with a reduction of 80 percent in transmission reliability. However, these problems are hardly unique to Ford.

Cost of repairs

A settlement of a $35 million lawsuit by Ford Motor Company will help consumers who have suffered transmission problems. Under the settlement, Ford will cover $2,325 in repair costs and $4,650 for the purchase of a new car. Millions of dollars were paid out by Ford to drivers in Thailand and Australia for the same problems. Neither company has denied that it knew about the problems, but it appears that they were unaware of the extent of the damage to consumers.

The federal judge ruled in a case involving Ford PowerShift transmissions. These vehicles have problems with rough operation, accelerated wear, and frequent service, which cost owners hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. Ford is now required to repair these vehicles at dealerships, and owners are being awarded as much as $22,000 for their troubles. It is still unclear whether this settlement will affect the price of repairs, but it is a welcome step forward.

Class action lawsuits

Thousands of Ford owners have filed class-action lawsuits over faulty transmissions in their vehicles. In some cases, the settlements have cost the automaker over $500 million. In one recent case, a Focus owner received a verdict of more than $550,000. Although every case is unique and results vary, the verdict suggests that Ford may be on its heels. Members of Congress are demanding investigations into Ford, but the results of class action lawsuits are still far from certain.

In the lawsuits, drivers say that Ford failed to warn them about transmission problems and their potential recurrence. Although Ford has been aware of the problems for years, it has failed to recall the vehicles and issue repair instructions. Ford’s spokesman said the lawsuits have been delayed by other litigation. For example, a federal judge rejected a claim that the term “automatic” was deceptive. In another case, a state court judge in San Diego tentatively ruled that a claim against Ford for fraudulent concealment is viable.

Settlement amount

A couple received $49,000 from Ford Motor Co. in a consolidated class-action lawsuit based on faulty transmissions. The settlement comes as the number of claims filed against Ford falls. Ford’s wrongful conduct was first documented in internal company documents that revealed the faulty dual-clutch “Powershift” transmissions, but it continued to sell those vehicles, causing customers to incur thousands of dollars in repair costs. Ford agreed to settle the lawsuit with the couple after the court rejected its offer of arbitration. After the settlement was finalized, the plaintiffs had to pay Ford a total of $49,000, as well as release the company of any further liability in the case.

While the new deal provides some comfort for the Zohdy team, the amount is far from the largest possible settlement. According to the court filing, the settlement amount is still uncertain, as Ford’s lawyers are not allowed to release this information. The settlement amount, however, may include additional funds to compensate consumers. In the meantime, the settlement amount could be as high as $560 million. The settlement agreement specifies that the settlement amount should be paid in the form of smaller payments ranging from $20 to $250.

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  1. i have a 2015 ford focus I had to replace the transmission in its is still being replaced. I bought – used- directly from ford in Rockdale Tx they refused to look at the car by pretty much shooing me away. multiple mechanics said they couldn’t find the problem. It shuddered all the time during shift and accelerate and a few days again it just stopped in traffic and would not go above 11 miles per hour. This was a severe safety concern, I finally got where I could park it and had to have a wrecker tow it. I read the codes as the check engine light came on they were- p2837 p287b ford focus 2015- had it towed to a mechanic he looked it up and stated ford knows there is an issue but no recalls. That is incredible because I asked ford to please look at this car and either they were booked for a month and I could leave it or they would not touch it because I bought it used from them. I am a single mother of five coming out of my pocket for almost 4000.00 dollars on a transmission repair, because now it must be replaced and this was a known issue? How the hell do I get help with my repairs? Am I covered by this law suit?

  2. I bought a new Ford Focus 4 door hatchback in 2015 and had transmission issues with it immediatley. Trouble with it slipping. It was recall to have it fixed so took it to Ford Motor Company where they did the repair and wasn’t long before it started slipping again. Had trouble with it the whole time i had it and spent my savings on it to keep it running.. Am up in age and wanted to try to keep it running as I didn’t want to have to buy another car at this stage in my life. In 2020 the transmission went completley out and was forced to go in debt to buy another car as it was my only means of transportation becuse was still having to work to support myself. I would like to know more about the settlement for this.

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