Lawsuits Against Volkswagen In California Continuing To Rise

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has reached epic proportions in the United States. Many VW diesel cars have been sold with a defeat device that allows the car to pass all sorts of emissions tests, but actually does not perform up to legal standards. As a result, millions of cars around the world have been affected by the scandal. Volkswagen, along with many other manufacturers have faced numerous lawsuits as a result of the scandal. However, lawsuits themselves are not a very common result of the scandal.

Instead, Volkswagen is facing class-action lawsuits over its emissions cheating. Class-action lawsuits allow a specific group of people to come together and sue the company for their negligence.

These lawsuits involve people who believe they were damaged by Volkswagen’s emissions cheating. Volkswagen may be able to fight these lawsuits in court, but it would certainly lose. It has already been exposed in the press and in courtrooms throughout the United States.

So, what’s the latest with VW emissions? A class-action suit was filed in the German court in March, followed by another lawsuit in April from a Pennsylvania resident.

The suits all deal with similar charges. In addition to providing evidence of VW emissions cheating, the complainants also claim that Volkswagen has refused to provide fair warning about the dangers of high CO2 levels.

Last month, a California judge ordered VW to produce documents related to its last year testing program.

The company has until July to comply with this request. Meanwhile, lawyers in the United States and elsewhere have been working on amicus briefs, or briefs of support, for potential lawsuits in the case. These briefs give the parties a chance to agree on the most reasonable settlement or judgment in the case.

Last month, the law firm of Skadden, Lieber, Atkins, Hooper & Simmons filed a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen, blaming the carmaker for knowingly selling diesel cars in the US without regulation.

The complaint states that Volkswagen repeatedly misled consumers about the level of toxic emissions present in diesel vehicles. More specifically, the law firm says that VW installed diesel engines in thousands of cars, knowing that they would result in significantly higher emissions. The carmaker knew that its diesel cars posed a serious health risk but failed to take steps to limit emissions while intentionally selling diesel vehicles to the public.

The carmaker is being sued for violating the Clean Air Act.

There have been several class-action lawsuits already, including one brought in January by a San Francisco attorney who is representing individual plaintiffs. The San Francisco law firm is seeking compensation for injury, negligence, and damage to property. A class-action lawsuit is when multiple plaintiffs band together to pursue a common goal as a group, rather than pursuing individual lawsuits at a case by case basis.

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