NCAA Lawsuits – Why So Many College Basketball Players Is Facing Lawsuits

If you are an NCAA athlete, you have probably been the victim of NCAA lawsuits. Whether you actually got sued or if someone used your picture without permission, it hurts. The NCAA is an organization made up of schools, conferences, and athletic associations that were created to level the playing field between players and non-athletes in sports. Everyone knows that the NCAA brings athletes from all over the country together for a chance at national championships. This is how the NCAA gets its name.

Unfortunately, the NCAA has allowed its rules and regulations to become too strict and, as a result, the athletes find themselves in a very tough spot. For instance, they are required to pay an extra fee to join.

Even when the players are found guilty of cheating or the events leading up to cheating occur, they still have to pay these fees. As you can imagine, this can become quite a burden for them. This is why a lot of people who play college sports are finding themselves in serious trouble with the NCAA.

One of the most famous NCAA lawsuits involves college basketball players. Michael Redd, a basketball star from North Carolina, was suspended from the team and later had to give back his scholarship.

When his story hit the news, people started contacting him about monetary issues that arose from his suspension. The problem was that the NCAA didn’t take any responsibility for the actions of its officials. In fact, Redd believes that he should have been awarded damages for what he believes to be false arrest and imprisonment as a result of an officer arresting him outside of a hotel in Charlotte, NC. This case ultimately went to trial and ended with a verdict for the plaintiff, but the NCAA refused to pay.

A similar situation arose with college basketball players from Virginia.

Jon Spencer, a player for the Virginia Cavaliers, was arrested on marijuana charges. He was later found guilty and sent to jail. Because of the NCAA sanctions, the Cavaliers had to cancel their season.

There are also lawsuits against NCAA officials, such as those involved in the Florida State University cases.

Florida State University got found guilty of not reporting players’ injury properly, which allowed the team to be punished for the rest of the season. The players later filed a lawsuit against the university.

There are many more players who have faced the NCAA’s wrath. For now, the NCAA has offered warnings and promises to make things right, but the lawsuits and punishment continue.

It would be interesting to see if there would be more players who decide to sue over the way they were treated by the NCAA. Only time will tell.

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