Get Justice For Your Health Through a Unums Class Action Settlement

An Unum class action settlement investigation has just been launched by an attorney at the Center for Class Action Fairness (CCAF) to investigate the claims of Unums benefit dismissals and fraudulent Unums benefit denials. When you’re denied a Unum health benefit or other Unums benefit claim, you can pursue legal action against the insurance company that has denied your Unum’s benefits and get back some of the money you were owed. However, it can be hard to prove Unums benefit denials or fraudulent Unums benefit denials.

In order to help consumers win Unums class action settlement claims, CCAF is launching a class action settlement investigation into Unums benefit denials, which they say is becoming more widespread and prevalent. If you’re in need of a lawyer to help you obtain financial compensation for the injuries and medical bills you suffered from Unums health care providers or other companies that denied your Unum’s benefits, here are some things you can expect from a good Unums class action settlement lawyer.

First, you should expect your Unum’s class action settlement will require the services of a skilled attorney. A good Unums class action settlement will include specialized research of the individual company that denied your Unum’s benefit claim and will include interviews with former employees, current and former customers, and even review of the company’s financial records. This will allow you to make sure you’re working with a legitimate, honest company that has a good reputation.

You’ll also need to expect your class action settlement lawyer will be able to help you obtain financial compensation through a Unums class action settlement. The company you’re suing will likely have provided a payment plan or structured settlement to help you receive your fair share of the money you deserve. Unfortunately, many companies will refuse to work with you and your attorney unless you’re ready to receive thousands of dollars upfront as settlement proceeds. You’ll need to be prepared to pay for your lawyer’s services upfront or ask for partial payment upfront.

You can expect your class action settlement attorney will work closely with you to help you get the best possible settlement and will make sure your Unum’s benefits are paid to you. Once you’ve received your settlement amount, you can use this money to pay back medical bills, for home and other necessities and even pursue additional legal action against the insurance company that was denying your Unum’s benefit claims.

A good Unums class action settlement attorney will not only help you get the right compensation for your injuries and illnesses but will also help you get justice for the damage your injuries and illnesses caused to your body. A good lawyer will take into consideration how the policy you’re claiming on your own policy has affected your health, and how this coverage has affected your finances. They will make sure that the compensation you receive for your injuries is in accordance with your own needs and budget. The same thing goes for any compensation you obtain for your injuries and medical bills from an uninsured provider.

In order to get the best possible result, it’s important to hire the right class action settlement attorney. If your claims are denied, you might want to discuss the decision with a qualified attorney so you’ll know exactly what to expect. The right attorney can help you negotiate your insurance policy and your insurance provider’s terms of repayment.

Your Unums class action settlement lawsuit attorney will help you understand your rights and obtain justice. You have the right to pursue Unums benefit claims in court to receive all the benefits you deserve.

2 Replies to “Get Justice For Your Health Through a Unums Class Action Settlement”

  1. Where do I start… Heart attack in April. Placed on numerous medications that have side effects which really suck and prohibit me from my 16 year job as a Commercial Truck Driver that weekly hauls bulk liquid hazmat chemicals. (nearly two million safe miles).

    Unum “Long Term Disability” sent Unum Forms to my General Practitioner M.D. and Cardiologist starting in mid July. On Thursday Unum declined long term disability claims without the Cardiologist’s findings. Unum form asks for a determination of fitness to return to work with my FL CDL. Neither Doctor would fill out that or legally attest to that… Who would that values their Practice.

    Numerous calls to and told by Unum that they were “still waiting on Doctor’s records”. My contention all along was that Unum didn’t need their filled out legal jeopardy form.

    Weekly conversations sounded like this.

    “LOOK UP MY MEDICATIONS (list supplied to Unum) and does anyone in Unum’s Medical panel or Legal Department think I am Safe, Legal and can Pass a DOT Physical to return to work hauling on average 78,000 lbs of Truck, Trailer and hazmat liquid.”
    (Usually UN 1993 and on Brillinta plus a lot more.)

    My tort with Unum is by denying my claim they give a tacit endorsement to return to work.
    I have nothing to lose. Not a “Great Northern” Case, but Unum made a “medical” decision without complete Medical Records and without consideration how I can function upright on medications.

    Details upon request, My mind works, but a usual day in hell with side effects. With Respect,
    Chris Schroeder, BA/ MSA former Marine Major, Infantry and Reconnaisane

  2. Unum stopped payment and closed my claim while I am still disabled and had a medical record review with out an examination stating that I can push, pull, lift and carry 20 pounds while working a 40 hour job only 9 months after have my entire cervical spine rebuilt with a 2 layer titanium fusion and 5 cadaver bones and I still have lumbar herniated discs and I am in Physical therapy still with weakness, numbness and pain. I am also seeing a neurologist for migraines that are pressure headaches from moving my neck up and down to look at laptop to paper and while driving and looking at the road. I am getting epidurals for the pain and dragging my left foot while having spasms in the center of my lumbar causing me to collapse. They also have a lien on my Workers Comp settlement and my SSD that is still pending. They left me with no income while I am disabled and I had to file for section 8 housing because they are not honoring my policy and putting the Burdon on the State. Forcing me back to work to early before I am healed or properly treated could cause further injury that could cause me to be wheel chair bound. Spinal injuries are serious

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