What Are the Cases Against Ford Motor Company?

There are many lawsuits against Ford Motor Company due to defective Ford vehicles. Some of the suits are on behalf of the families of those who have been killed or permanently disabled because of the Ford vehicles they were driving. These lawsuits are not usually won by the plaintiffs. Most of the time, the vehicles are found to be safe and defective at the time of purchase but the manufacturer takes no responsibility for injuries, damages or any loss suffered by the person driving the Ford vehicle at the time of the accident.

Two lawsuits recently settled in the state of Michigan are the result of a fatal auto accident that was the result of the Ford Focus’ high gas mileage.

The lawsuit was brought by the wife of the deceased victim who was driving the Focus when this accident occurred. The case was ruled in favor of the plaintiff but Ford Motor Company received a settlement in the amount of $5 million dollars. The amount of money involved makes the lawsuits against Ford Motor Company profitable.

Another lawsuit was brought against Ford regarding a claim brought forth by the surviving wife of the victim.

This accident also involved the Ford F-150. This car was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The accident claimed that the Ford vehicles manufacture of defective airbags in which the driver is prone to sudden shocks while passing through turns. These airbags are designed to automatically deploy when they sense that the driver is about to lose control of the vehicle and hit a turn, making the victims of the accident suffer serious injuries. The lawsuits against Ford are still ongoing.

There are also other suits filed against Ford Motor Company.

A case that is similar to the aforementioned one is a suit that was brought forth against the Ford Motor Company regarding the handling of the defective ignition switch in millions of Ford cars manufactured. The lawsuits claim that the Ford cars were defective as the Ford ignition switch could become permanently damaged if it was not properly maintained. There have been no major accidents that have been caused by the ignition switch yet.

There are also cases brought forth against Ford concerning the use of inappropriate seat belts in Ford vehicles.

In one case, the victim suffered an injury that required him to miss several days of work due to the fact that he did not wear his seat belt properly. The lawsuit against Ford claims that the manufacturer did not take reasonable steps to ensure that their cars were safe to drive without any seat belt-related injuries being caused. A case similar to this is ongoing in which the injured victim is asking for damages due to the fact that the seat belt in his vehicle did not protect him from being seriously injured in an accident.

There are many other types of lawsuits that can be filed against Ford Motor Company.

Many of these cases are handled by special interest groups who file lawsuits on behalf of the general public. These lawsuits are usually won by the plaintiffs unless there is evidence that Ford was negligent or the evidence of negligence by Ford Auto Company is beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many auto accident lawyers who represent victims of defective products and lawsuits like these. If you are involved in an auto accident that was caused by Ford vehicles and you feel that you have a case, it is important that you contact one of the auto accident lawyers who can help you pursue your claim.

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