Samsung Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Ice Makers

A class-action lawsuit has been filed by consumers who purchased Samsung refrigerators and have discovered the ice maker is defective. The ice maker can leak inside the refrigerator or even get stuck, and the consumer is entitled to a full refund for repairs or replacement. This is an ongoing problem with the company, and this lawsuit aims to protect the consumer. As of February 2019, there have been more than 7,000 complaints filed against the company in the state of New Jersey alone.

Several thousand consumers have filed complaints with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Better Business Bureau about defective ice makers.

While no recall has yet been issued, thousands of consumers have complained to the company. Many of these complaints are related to people getting sick from spoiled food. As a result, Samsung is facing a class-action lawsuit over defective icy cold trays in refrigerators. Although this lawsuit is not currently on trial, there are steps you can take to make your experience better.

In addition to the class-action lawsuit, the Indiana Attorney General’s office has opened several investigations related to consumer complaints. However, the IG office does not regularly elaborate on its plans. The ice maker is among the top-rated appliances on the market. The IG’s website lists more than 20 models of Samsung refrigerators, so the company can expect to spend a long time in court. The alleged defective ice makers are an issue for consumers of all ages.

The class-action lawsuit is still in its early stages. It may take months to years to get a complete refund for a defective ice maker.

This type of lawsuit generally takes much longer than other types of cases. It is unknown if a Samsung recall will be issued for the ice makers. Regardless of the cause of the defective icing in your Samsung refrigerator, you are likely eligible for a refund or replacement.

The class-action lawsuit has not yet been officially filed against Samsung, but it has been filed against the company by a group of consumers who claim their ice makers are defective. According to the complaint, the ice maker in the Samsung refrigerators was not working properly. The ICE maker has not been working properly for a few years. The IG has not published a formal statement on the issue, but the company has offered partial refunds for some models.

The lawsuit lists more than 20 models of Samsung refrigerators.

The ice maker is one of the most common complaints. This class action lawsuit also claims that the ice maker has been causing health problems for the consumers. The ice maker is a critical component in a fridge, so it is essential to make sure that it is working properly. If the aforementioned problems do occur, you should contact the manufacturer immediately.

A Samsung class-action lawsuit alleges that the ice maker on some of its refrigerators is defective. While the ice maker is not a major problem for most consumers, it has caused health problems for some consumers. The ice maker in the Samsung refrigerator can cause health problems, and it is one of the most commonly reported problems in this brand. Therefore, a class-action lawsuit against Samsung may be the best option for the consumers.

The case has been filed in Virginia.

Thousands of consumers have complained to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Better Business Bureau about the ice maker in their refrigerators. The company has not issued a recall, but the class-action lawsuit alleges that Samsung knew of the defect for years, but failed to fix the problem. The company is now offering partial refunds and has made YouTube videos to encourage consumers to return the refrigerators.

In addition to the lawsuit filed against Samsung, more than 20,000 consumers have filed complaints with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Some of the complaints include people who have been seriously harmed by spoiled food. This is the cause of a class-action lawsuit against Samsung, and it is likely to continue for years to come. A spokesperson for the company told ABC Action News that they are “evaluating every situation thoroughly” and are willing to work with other consumers to resolve.

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  1. I would like to be listed on the Class action lawsuit in regards to the ice makers on my Samsung Refrigerator model RF28K9070SR/AA it is 3 years old and has been a problem since I purchased the unit at a local appliance store, and

  2. I live in NC. We bought our Samsung at Lowes 2/2022. The compressor for the icemaker and fridge broke. Before the fridge broke down, I got food poisoning twice from what I believe was not cold enough chicken. We waited several days for someone to come out and do a diagnostic. He barely spoke English. In he’s broken Asian accent he told us he did not have the tools to fix it. That no one in NC had the tools to fix our refrigerator. At lease that is what we understood. We tried to reach customer service and they gave us the run around. My husband got fed up and tried going up the chain and tried to contact the CEO office. They gave us the run around also. I finally had enough and went to Lowes and told them to come pick up the fridge. They did pick it up but I have yet to see a refund on our credit card. Worst company ever. I hope you make them pay. People shouldn’t have to live out of a cooler for weeks having to get ice every day. I got sick again drinking milk that was not cold enough. Thank you for reading. Good luck!!!!

  3. I would like to be included in the Class Action lawsuit in regards to the ice maker on my Samsung Refrigerator model RF220NCTASG which I purchased in 2018. It’s been a problem since I purchased. I replaced the ice maker once and it’s doing the same thing again. Stopped making ice. So annoying for the money I paid.

    1. I also would like to be included on this recall/lawsuit. I paid way to much for an ice maker that is going is its 3 time something wrong with the ice maker and now I have to pay for the repairs and my refrigerator is less than 3 years old.

  4. I would like to be included on the Class Action lawsuit in regards to the ice maker on my Samsung Refrigerator Model Number RF23J9011SG/AA. It was purchased in September 2017. I called Samsung and they did send a repairman out. He had to order a part which took 6Months. The kept calling saying they would give us $1,000.00 off of a new one. My husband said I’ll accept a free one.

  5. I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit against Samsung regarding Samsung refrigerator model RF25HMEDBSR/AA purchased in 2017. Shortly after purchase, I called for service from the company I purchased from about the ice maker leaking. It was under warranty at that time. January 2020, I called for service again as it was still leaking and not making much ice at that time. They replaced a part. It was still under warranty; but I had to buy a new ice holder as original was cracked. August 2021 it was still leaking and this time warranty was out. I called the store for service and was told I needed a new ice maker. I ordered this from the store at a cost close to $400.00. Each service call cost me $100.00 before they would come out. I also just replaced my Samsung range which was purchased at the same time as the refrigerator. It was going to cost me over $600.00 so I bought a new one. Not a Samsung.

  6. I would like to be included in the Samsung Class Action Lawsuit. The icemaker on our Samsung side-by-side refrigerator freezes up, melts and then dispenses crushed ice when it on the cube setting. It inadvertently quits making ice, then it had started making ice again, melting again, and dispenses crushed ice. Now, it has quit altogether. Model # RS22HDHPNSR/AA.

  7. Our 3 yo Samsung ice-maker constantly freezes. We would like to be included in the lawsuit. We follow the defrost instructions but the unit re-freezes within a month.

  8. I would like to be included in the Samsung Class Action Lawsuit. The icemaker on our Samsung French door refrigerator has been a nightmare! We have had it serviced about 5 times, and replaced once. It freezes up, stopped dispensing anything and now doesn’t turn on at all. Model #RF28JBEDBSG and shows that it was “manufactured October 2016”.

  9. I would like to be included in the lawsuit. My ice maker has had issues since day one. Samsung is aware of the issue and has a replacement part to fix it. That part cost around $200 plus the the cost to have it installed. Have contacted Samsung customer service and they refuse to to cover any of the repair cost in what is clearly a design flaw. I’ll never buy Samsung anything again. Ever!
    Model # RF23J90115R/AA

  10. Our side by side ice maker would freeze melt leaked so bad ruined our flooring temperature on refrigerator side did not cool the outside casing was so hot if touched it burn you same inside seals Piping hot woke up it had totally quit lost our food we are so very thankful &blessed it didn’t set our house on fire

  11. My Samsung refrigerator , model rf28r7351sr/aa, was purchased in 2020 and we have had non stop problems with the ice maker freezing up so badly that we can’t even remove the tray. We have to force a defrost! It’s ridiculous and we are angry that Samsung has known about this problem and continues to sell it. It should be recalled. We want a refund to purchase a different refrigerator with a worry free ice maker. We would like to join a class action law suit If possible.

  12. I purchased my home in March of 2020 and the Samsung French Door Refrigerator was part of my home purchase.
    Model Code # RF25HMEDBSG/AA Date of Manufacture August 2016
    It has been froze up for the entire time I have lived here, completed frosted over . I tried to shut off the ice maker and it has never defrosted. How do I file the class action claim ?

  13. I’d like to be included in the Samsung ice maker class action law suit. Bought mine in July 2017 and the ice maker quit making ice in 2019. I paid $353 to replace a part and it still doesn’t work. It freezes up and soon after I “unfreeze” it, it freezes up again. So frustrating. Model RF28HMEDBWW/AA.

  14. I would like to be included as we have had nothing but problems since day one. Needing to take blow dryer out to defrost build up many times, until it finally dies, we just replaced yesterday, pay $500 to fix. NOt cool for not an old fridge.

  15. I also would like to be included in this claim. I purchased TWO of these refrigerators from Costco, Rf23J9011SR/AA. I have tried to get them to help with the issues for the past year and a half maybe more. I had not been made aware of the class action lawsuit but I am sure as a supplier they must have known. Non stop and exactly the same issues on both. Ice maker freezes and is non functional. Purchased in 2017. Also the shelving has split and separated. I don’t know how that even happens. Kenmore, my previous fridge lasted 20+ years . This is a poor design and quality is lacking.

  16. I would also like to be included in the lawsuit. My Samsung fridge model # RF265BEAESR/AA was purchased at Home Depot, Nov. 2017. We paid $295 for the 5 year protection plan, and was happy we did as the ice maker kept freezing so A &E Factory service sent the repair man out and he could not fix the ice maker 4 times ( we asked for a different repairman which we did not get) before replacing the entire ice unit in Oct. & Nov of 2021. He continually forced the new unit to fit in the fridge, also replaced the mother board in the back of the fridge and replaced the broken french door assy (to hold the camera and seal the door when closed) which spoiled our food because the door would not seal correctly and leaked cold air. Now, not even 16 months later ( and of course the warranty is no longer in force) the ice maker leaks water into the fridge and the ice doesn’t stay frozen. Even though we only paid the $295 for the extended warranty ( $0 for the repairs), I would much rather have a fridge, like the older ones, which lasted much much longer without problems.

  17. I would also like to be included into the lawsuit. I bought my fridge in 2021 and my ice maker has quit making ice. Well it decides when it wants to make ice. I will go days without it making ice. I try resetting, unplugging the fridge, replacing filter, everything while even calling an expert. I would like help. I even have the smart things app and do the self diagnosis on it and it just says that everything is working fine. My Model number is RF28R7201SR/AA

  18. I would like to be included in the Class Action lawsuit against Samsung . We have a model #RF28N9780SR, manufactured May 2018 and purchased in July 2018. The ice maker constantly freezes up and stops making ice. We are constantly having to defrost the entire unit in order to get it to make ice again.

  19. I have the model RF28K9070SRIAA causing issues since I purchased it. Apparently did not know about the lawsuit. Would like to know if anyone got the settlement with Samsung? is Samsung offering a replacement of refund?

    1. We have the model RF25HMEDBSR/AA. Started having problems with the ice maker and the door soon after purchasing it. A repairman came out and fixed the door and (fixed at) the ice maker. It worked for a while then frozen up again. Consulted with utube and started de-icing as instructed and after doing that for about 2 years, it has now stopped working altogether. Please add us to the lawsuit.

  20. I bought a Samsung Rf265beae fridge in 8/14/2020 and I’ have the extended warranty and I’m having issues since 06/22, I have water damage in my wood floors since then, My fridge still licking and no parts available yet to fixed. I want to be added in the Lawsuit.

  21. We have model: Model: RF23R6201SG/AA. We have been having problems with the ice maker and had a repairman come out and fix it in 6/22. It has stopped making ice again. Samsung states this refrigerator is not part of the recall and will not repair the ice maker. I’d like to be added to the lawsuit.

  22. I would like to be added to the class action lawsuit as well. My Samsung Ater icemaker has been freezing up ever since I got it.

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