BNBuilders: Lawsuits and Controversies Hampering a Seattle Construction Giant

BNBuilders, a Seattle-based general contractor, has carved its name in the Pacific Northwest construction landscape. But beneath the gleaming glass facades of their projects lurks a murkier reality, one dotted with lawsuits and controversies that raise questions about their practices.

Noose Incident at Meta Site: In 2022, BNBuilders made national headlines for the wrong reasons. A Black carpenter found a noose with his name on it at a Meta construction site, sparking outrage and accusations of racial discrimination. The company fired three workers allegedly involved, but the incident left a stain on their reputation and ignited calls for accountability. (Sources: KIRO 7 News Seattle, Construction Dive)

Retirement Plan Fees Under Scrutiny: Another legal cloud hangs over BNBuilders regarding their retirement plan for employees. Schlichter Bogard, a prominent plaintiffs’ law firm, is investigating allegations of excessive fees charged to participants. While no lawsuit has been filed yet, the investigation casts a shadow of financial impropriety over the company. (Source: Schlichter Bogard, LLP)

Workplace Safety Concerns: BNBuilders has also faced legal challenges related to workplace safety. In 2018, the company appealed a Superior Court judgment upholding citations issued by the Washington Department of Labor & Industries for asbestos violations. This incident underscores concerns about worker safety measures within the company. (Source: Casetext)

Beyond the Headlines: These high-profile incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. A 2021 court document mentions an employee complaint regarding asbestos exposure at a BNBuilders worksite, further highlighting potential safety hazards. Additionally, concerns about the company’s treatment of subcontractors and its overall corporate culture have been voiced by industry insiders.

The Road Ahead: BNBuilders faces a critical juncture. Addressing these controversies head-on, with transparency and genuine commitment to reform, is crucial to restoring public trust and ensuring the safety and fair treatment of its employees and partners. Otherwise, the legal and reputational challenges could threaten the very foundation of their success.


Q: Has BNBuilders been found guilty of any wrongdoing?

A: No, BNBuilders has not been found guilty in any of the mentioned cases. Investigations and lawsuits are ongoing.

Q: Is it safe to work for BNBuilders?

A: While BNBuilders has faced safety concerns, it’s important to note that the construction industry itself has inherent risks. It’s crucial to research the company’s safety record and raise any concerns with appropriate authorities.

Q: What is the status of the retirement plan investigation?

A: The investigation is ongoing, and no lawsuit has been filed yet. You can stay updated through Schlichter Bogard’s website.

Q: What is BNBuilders doing to address these issues?

A: BNBuilders has not publicly commented on all the controversies. However, they fired the workers involved in the noose incident and claim to be cooperating with the Meta investigation.

Q: Can I take legal action against BNBuilders?

A: The possibility depends on the specific nature of your grievance. Consulting with an employment lawyer is recommended.

Q: Where can I find more information about BNBuilders?

A: You can check the company website, news articles, and legal databases like Casetext for further details.

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