Brenton Boyce is a Candidate for Guilford County District Attorney

Brenton Boyce is a candidate for Guilford county district attorney. Both candidates have experience as district attorneys in the state. Crump is an advocate for raising the legal age to obtain a driver’s license. He also opposes raising the minimum age to buy a handgun. He will likely run for reelection in a close race. The election will decide who will be the next Guilford county, district attorney.

Henderson is a Guilford County district attorney

Former Guilford County District Attorney Doug Henderson is retiring this year. He will go back into private practice with his wife Cathe. She will join the firm of Henderson & Henderson in Greensboro. Henderson will be serving his last term as district attorney after serving in that role for 14 years. If you’re considering running for the DA position in Guilford County, consider contacting Henderson & Henderson today.

The decision to retire comes at a time when many Guilford County citizens are eager to see a change. The district attorney’s office is experiencing a major shake-up in leadership. The DA’s office is being restructured, and a new team is being hired to replace Henderson. But while Henderson has been in office for a decade, his supporters say he hasn’t acted like a district attorney in five years.

Avery Crump is a Guilford County district attorney

Avery Crump is the first African-American district attorney in Guilford County. She took the oath of office on January 1, 2019. Crump, 46, was elected to the position by Guilford County voters in May and won the November general election unopposed. In an interview with WFMY News two hours before her inauguration, she said that she was proud of her achievements so far.

After graduating from NCA&T State University, Brenton Boyce has been practicing law since 2007. He served as an assistant public defender in Guilford County from 2007-12. He currently owns his practice and teaches at NC A&T. He has focused his campaign on criminal justice reform, highlighting his past work as a district court judge in Guilford County.

Brenton Boyce is running to be the next Guilford county district attorney

Brenton Boyce is a criminal defense attorney with a diverse background who is running for the district attorney’s office in Guilford County, North Carolina. Crump was elected district attorney in 2018. The office has been under his leadership since his election, and he has not pleased many people, including judges and law enforcement officers. He was once ordered to hold special sessions by Senior Resident Superior Court Judge John Craig to clear a backlog of homicide cases. While he backed off of this order, some attorneys complained that minor cases were going to court without serious felonies. Brenton Boyce, who is currently a lawyer in private practice in Greensboro, is running for Guilford County district attorney.

Crump has faced a backlog of cases and has said that he is determined to make the process more efficient. He wants to hire more staff, get more defendants on the calendar and prioritize homicide trials over other cases. While he has a lot of experience and is familiar with the area, he is also concerned about a backlog of cases.

She is a proponent of raising the age to get a driver’s license

Avery McLaughlin, the new District Attorney for Guilford County, is a vocal proponent of raising the age to get able to drive. During her nine years as Assistant District Attorney, she prosecuted felonies in both Superior Court and District Court, including felony assault, sex offenses against children, and sexual assault. In addition, she has experience in juvenile court, having worked in the High Point juvenile court for over five years.

She was previously the School Board member for District 3 and has been a conservative who got along with Democratic colleagues. She supports a more business-friendly environment for the county while promoting mental health and workforce development programs. She has also supported raising the minimum wage and supporting mental health professionals. She believes raising the age to get a driver’s license is essential to improving public schools, and she will continue her work on these issues.

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