Clackamas County District Attorney – John Wentworth

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes violent crime and is an active participant in the local community. He also heads an interagency task force to investigate large-scale drug trafficking operations. In addition to prosecuting these crimes, the office provides round-the-clock assistance to local law enforcement agencies to combat these crimes. Read on to learn more about John Wentworth. And be sure to check out His Family Support Unit, a program that assists families in the region.

John Wentworth

As the district attorney for Clackamas County, John Wentworth has earned the respect of the community for his efforts on behalf of victims. He has received recognition from the Crime Victims’ Assistance Network of Oregon, the Clackamas County Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team, and the Oregon Health Care Association. He also has a long and successful career in the Oregon court system, having worked as a prosecutor in the Coos County DA’s office, and he has served as chief deputy district attorney in the Clackamas County office since 1999.

Wentworth is a 25-year veteran prosecutor who has tried thousands of criminal cases. He has specialized in elder abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault, and has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers. He also has led efforts to improve elder abuse protections in Oregon’s legislature. His many achievements have earned him the respect of the community and his fellow lawyers. In addition to his impressive resume, John Wentworth has received several awards, including the 2015 Oregon Public Defender’s Office’s Award for Outstanding Public Service in the County.

His career as a district attorney

John Wentworth is a lawyer who has served as the district attorney in Clackamas County, Oregon since 1999. He attended Clackamas High School and graduated from Oregon State University. He then earned his law degree at Lewis and Clark’s Northwestern School of Law. Wentworth began his career at the Coos County DA’s office, where he prosecuted adult sex crimes and cases involving child abuse. He then came to Clackamas County where he was appointed district attorney in 1999. While in his position, he has prosecuted many high-profile crimes and is committed to the community.

As a district attorney, he works with the Clackamas County Circuit Court, probation department, and the county social service agencies to pursue criminal cases. His office has established specialty courts for people with mental health or addiction issues, to reduce recidivism. He has appointed specially trained deputy district attorneys to each of these courts. He also heads the Clackamas County Juvenile Justice Team, which works closely with local law enforcement and community partners to prosecute crimes of abuse of children and youth.

His salary

In Clackamas County, Oregon, the salary of the district attorney is set at $250,000 per year. That amount is higher than the state median. However, the DA’s salary is not set in stone. It fluctuates depending on the circumstances. For example, the salary for Rodney Cook at OCF might be a little higher than the salary for a county deputy district attorney. However, the salary range for this post is largely unspecified.

The salary of a deputy district attorney varies by level of education. The range is $85,587 to $111,019, with an average of $94,227. A district attorney’s total compensation may vary significantly, including annual bonuses and annual incentive pay. But regardless of the title, it’s possible to find a salary that fits within your budget. Here’s how. And remember: the salary ranges are just that – estimates.

His office’s Family Support Unit

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office has an information storage area for case records. This facility holds a variety of information, including physical evidence and documents, that were collected in court proceedings. The office has a policy in place regarding the storage of all such evidence. Information is defined as data generated by automatic office systems, Family Support software, and all manual records. Listed below are some of how the office protects this information.

The Family Support Unit is comprised of two deputy district attorneys and eight case agents. They specialize in establishing paternity and child support court orders, enforcing those orders, and collecting child support payments. The unit follows statutory requirements and complies with the family support laws to make sure that children receive the financial support they need. The Family Support Unit also pursues criminal prosecution for the violation of child support orders.

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