Class Action Lawsuit Against Diamond Resorts

A class action lawsuit against diamond resorts in Utah is now seeking compensation for the economic losses suffered by the members of a class. The Lawsuit was filed on behalf of a group of family and friends who had a tragic experience staying at two different Utah ski resorts. They were disappointed with the services provided by the resorts, which were very poor. One of the worst aspects of their stay was the level of service and care that they received from the hotel staff. The family had to spend additional money on their excursions and on their rooms because the hotel’s services were so bad.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Diamond Resorts

The claim revolves around two specific areas of the resorts’ operations. The first area is negligence, and the second area is a breach of warranty. As described in the Complaint, the family members suffered various injuries while staying at the two Utah ski resorts. The first incident involved a member of the family slipping off a chair at the Wildflower Creek Lodge while the members of the group were on break. Another member of the group sustained an injury to his leg while on another chair at the Cedar City Mountain Resort. Both of these injuries were caused by carelessness or deliberate actions on the part of the Wildflower and Cedar City resorts.

Other claims are also being covered under the Class Action Lawsuit.

One of these claims involves the wrongful death of a member of the family. The father of the deceased was a professional mountain biker, and he was enjoying a day of cycling at the Mountain Airports Park in Snow Summit, Utah when he was hit by a snow blower. The father died at the scene. His body was taken to St. Joseph Hospital, but he later died at the hospital due to complications from the accident.

These legal issues at these resorts were brought to the attention of the legal community.

Several lawsuits have been filed in the case, and currently, two legal cases have been settled. One suit was settled with an agreement to pay for medical bills and other expenses that would be incurred for the deceased. Another case involved members who were injured while playing tennis at one of the tennis courts at the Wildflower.

The legal actions are not only limited to injuries caused on the actual premises.

Any negligence on the part of a resort is included in the class. This means that if a member of the class has suffered any type of monetary loss as a result of the negligent act or negligence on the part of a resort, then that individual may be able to take advantage of filing a claim for compensation. This type of legal action is in place because most states have laws that require this type of business to maintain a reasonable and safe working environment for its employees.

Diamond Resorts denied any liability in the case.

The legal firm representing the complainants has called upon all attorneys representing the other plaintiffs to withdraw their claims against Diamond Resorts. They claimed that all claims that have been submitted are without merit. This announcement comes after the dismissal of claims from members of the class who were awarded a substantial sum of money following their claim for damages. The attorney general of New York stated that the decisions were based on the law of negligence law.

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  1. High pressure, deceptive practices, misrepresentation of their product and how it can be utilized.

  2. I am a mortgage loan officer and I have a handful of clients that need assistance closing their timeshares. Some are elderly and cannot travel and do not have the money to pay an attorney. Other clients have received 1099-c for cancelation of debt and paid the IRS and Diamond Resorts is still coming after them. I am not sure if they can or not, but they will not provide whether their loans are recourse or non-recourse loans. Where can I direct my clients?

  3. There should be a lawsuit about the annual dues and club membership costing more than what the units rent for if you are a non owner. Their transition program will take your very costly membership off your hands for free if excess dues are paid, and membership is paid in full. They will then sell your points to a new person for 60k. When they buy it from you they claim they are not in the business of buying back, but will sell it when they steal it from you

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