Walgreens Employee Litigations

The company has been in the news a lot lately with reports of lawsuits being filed by Walgreens employee members. The company is under investigation by the federal government as well as the state of Maryland regarding these complaints.

Recently, there was an article in The Baltimore Sun that said the following about Walgreens: “The drugstore chain is among several companies under scrutiny in the wake of a recent rash of sexual harassment claims against other retailers.” It is also being investigated by the Maryland Attorney General’s office.

According to the Baltimore Sun, one of the complaints involves an issue at the Baltimore store where some of its employees urinated on clients’ clothes. There were also complaints that employees talked about a customer’s sexual activities and that they used inappropriate language. Employees have also been caught urinating in the parking lot of the Baltimore store.

There is no evidence at this point that any of these allegations have been proven or that any employees are actually responsible for filing any lawsuits. However, the complaints are being investigated and a lawsuit could be filed if the investigations reveal that these allegations are true.

The Walgreens store at Maryland Plaza Mall is not alone among large retail stores. Many other companies, including Macy’s, Gap, and K-Mart are under investigation for sexual harassment, discrimination, or other issues.

These complaints have been coming up at Walgreens stores for several years. In fact, there are now complaints filed in the state of New Jersey as well.

A complaint about sexual harassment was filed in 2020, according to reports. This complaint included complaints of a man sitting on a woman’s lap and touching her leg. There was also a complaint from a woman who said that her co-worker touched her buttocks while talking on the phone.

Some of the complaints say that sexual harassment occurred at a store in Philadelphia as well. The complaints filed there also included comments made by the store manager and other employees to customers.

The same attorney who is investigating Walgreens has been working on a case for over two decades to get compensation for sexual harassment and other types of discrimination from Macy’s. The attorney is working on the case in the hopes of having a major settlement.

According to the complaint filed by the Baltimore attorney general, Macy’s was one of the largest offenders in recent years when it came to sexual harassment and discrimination. The complaint also claims that the company has been trying to avoid facing such a complaint because it would mean an embarrassing admission that they have a problem with their employees’ behavior.

According to the Baltimore attorney general, employees at the Baltimore store complained that they feel uncomfortable because their co-workers at the store call them derogatory names. names and use offensive language.

They also complained that they feel that the staff treats them unfairly. when they try to make a purchase, they are told that their purchases will not be accepted because of their race, gender, or religion.

Other complaints include being asked if they are using contraceptives, if they have ever had an STD, if they have children, or if they are pregnant. They were also not treated fairly at the time that they need to work.

When complaints like these have been filed, most of them are denied. Even if they are not, employees who file a lawsuit are usually denied the right to file a complaint and are then terminated.

A company who is the victim of discrimination attorney has the right to be heard. They have the right to seek legal counsel from a certified and experienced discrimination attorney to help their case along.

It is important to note that there are a lot of complaints against Walgreens because the company does not seem to want to deal with complaints about their practices. Many times the company has even gone so far as to have employees sign documents that they do not have any rights to complain because they fear that it will damage the company.

If you or someone you know is experiencing discrimination at Walgreens, it may be in your best interest to take advantage of a company that has a discrimination attorney on their payroll. This type of attorney can help with filing a complaint and making sure that you are properly compensated for any kind of discrimination that was done against you.

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