First Advantage Lawsuit Facts and Personal Injury Claims

Recently there was an article in an old time radio station that I would like to pass along to you called “The First Advantage Lawsuit”. This is a Lawsuit filed by an individual who is seeking damages for injuries he suffered as a result of another person driving his car while under the influence of alcohol. According to the story, the driver on another car was not exercising due care and therefore the accident was caused.

First Advantage Lawsuit

Now, let me get back to my story. The victim in this case is enjoying old time radio players at home when he falls off the back of his motorcycle. Now, he is a great fan of antique Muriel players from the 40’s and has even managed to collect several of them over the years. He is also a very experienced driver and knows all of the rules and regulations of using the roads. He has never been involved in any car accident or had any alcohol related incident on his record so clearly this accident was not his fault in any way.

One night when Mr. Murrell was playing with some friends at his house he noticed one of his friends enjoying old time radio shows on the radio.

Mr. Murrell sat down next to his friend and asked him who he was listening to. Mr. Murrell’s friend revealed that he was listening to the same channel on the otr sitcom which he enjoys, but did not tell him who it was.

Now, Mr. Murrell did ask his friend who he was listening to however, his friend kept his secret to him stating that he did not know who it was.

Mr. Murrell then went onto the internet to find out more information on the matter and discovered that the singer he was listening to was Billy Joel and he also found out that his favorite band was The Beatles. Obviously, Mr. and Mrs. Blunt was very disappointed and sued Mr. Joel for breach of contract. The court found in favor of Mr. Joel and awarded him a large sum of money.

Another interesting case that we will discuss is that of the “My Wife Told Me” ring tune.

This lady sued her husband for breach of contract because he did not allow her to listen to a particular song on their cell phone. She claimed that he repeatedly listened to the song over again which caused her to have hearing problems and as a result suffered from chronic ear infections. Mr. and Mrs. Blunt claimed in their defense that they were simply listening to their old time radio show which did not contain the song in question.

In all three cases we can see a clear lack of consideration for the interests of the other party and/or a failure to conduct an adequate analysis of the relevant facts.

In essence, these cases are about the same thing and that is to say that a person who is suing a third party because he or she listened to a certain song that wasn’t allowed on one of the old time radio shows, may not be acting out of any personal gain or desire. If you find yourself in one of these situations, I recommend that you retain the services of a qualified Tampa attorney who has experience with these types of lawsuits. You need someone who understands the law and won’t let you down when it’s time to build your case. Keep in mind that there are many other cases that come up every day with similar allegations but there is one very important difference between the Blunts and the Mancesles: The Mancesles did nothing to create the alleged injury. Therefore, your lawyer needs to bring up this distinction during the discovery process if you hope to achieve some resolution in your case.

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