Job Duties and Caseload of the Clinton County District Attorney

If you are looking for a job in public administration, you may be interested in learning more about the Clinton County District Attorney in Plattsburgh, NY. This office has been in existence since 1989 and employs eight people. Read this article to learn about the job duties and caseload of the Clinton County district attorney. In this article, you will learn about the job duties and caseload of the Clinton County district attorney in Plattsburgh.

Plattsburgh, NY, district attorney

The district attorney of Clinton County is located in Plattsburgh, New York. This law office prosecutes criminal cases for the government of Plattsburgh. They have five full-time Assistant District Attorneys on staff. The office also negotiates plea deals for all misdemeanor tickets issued by the New York State Police or Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. They also maintain court records for the public’s benefit.

The district attorney of Clinton County is an elected public official who serves a four-year term. Their duties include investigating and prosecuting alleged crimes and working with state and municipal law enforcement officials to bring criminal charges against those responsible for committing these crimes. The office also engages in community-based crime prevention initiatives. Here’s a look at the role of the district attorney in Plattsburgh, NY

Interview with Clinton county district attorney

If you want to be a prosecutor, you may want to consider an interview with the Clinton County District Attorney. The office is currently looking for a full-time deputy prosecutor who is licensed to practice law in Indiana. In this position, you would oversee all levels of misdemeanor and felony cases. You’d earn a starting salary of $69,000 per year. In addition, you would be responsible for pursuing criminal cases in the local courthouse.

A District Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for each county in Pennsylvania. They are an elected official and a “county row officer.” Each district attorney serves a four-year term. The office prosecutes all criminal cases in Clinton County’s Court of Common Pleas and assists municipal and state police officials in investigating crime. They also work closely with community-based initiatives to combat crime and protect the community.

The caseload of Clinton county district attorney’s office

The Clinton County District Attorney’s Office recently dealt with its largest emergency. This includes the large-scale search and rescue effort for an unidentified teen, which led to the arrest of at least 14 people. The office also coordinated law enforcement efforts from the New York State Police to Federal Marshals. However, the office did not expect to be dealing with such a large caseload. The following is an update on the district attorney’s caseload for 2016.

The district attorney’s office is responsible for prosecuting all crimes in County Court, as well as misdemeanor-level cases in thirteen town and village courts. The district attorney’s office also serves as the county’s row officer, assisting municipal and state police officials with investigations and prosecutions of criminal activity. The work of this office is not limited to criminal prosecutions; it also carries out investigations and community-based initiatives to prevent crime.

The public defender’s office is new in Clinton County, but the district attorney’s office is still operating the assigned counsel program for family court cases. The new office was opened on April 1st. The public defender’s staff includes six attorneys and three administrative employees, but the number of defendants will be increased to two dozen. The Clinton County District Attorney’s Office expects to receive new state guidelines for public defenders in the next year, which could limit the caseload of individual attorneys.

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