Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tulsa

If you are in need of a good bankruptcy attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma, read this article. It will tell you about Matthew E Riggin PLLC, Robinson Law PC, and Gene Thompson. If you’re wondering if a bankruptcy lawyer in Tulsa is right for you, learn more about the Oklahoma Bankruptcy Means Test and what you should expect from your case. Then, make your decision!

Gene Thompson

For more than 15 years, Gene Thompson has represented the Tulsa community as a bankruptcy lawyer. He has helped clients liquidate assets, restructure loans, and work out payment plans to eliminate their debts. He also specializes in estate planning and elder law. He is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association and has been named a Rising Star in the Tulsa area by SuperLawyers.

When facing financial difficulties, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. The attorneys at Conner & Winters, LLP, have decades of experience helping individuals and businesses overcome their financial challenges. They are experienced in chapter 11 bankruptcies, and their attorneys can also help you with resolving debt issues through bankruptcy litigation. They represent clients in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, real estate, publishing, and employment law.

Matthew E Riggin PLLC

If you have a financial crisis or want to file for bankruptcy, consider hiring one of the experienced Oklahoma bankruptcy attorneys at Matthew E. Riggin, PLLC. Whether you need assistance with a bankruptcy filing or need a lawyer to help you with estate planning, Matthew E. Riggin is a trusted name in the Oklahoma legal community. His background in community service has earned him an excellent reputation. He has offices in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and proudly serves the Northern District and Tulsa County.

This firm is led by bankruptcy attorney Todd Laster. This firm specializes in helping consumers file for bankruptcy, chapter 7 and chapter 13, and other forms of debt relief. Additionally, the firm also handles criminal law and personal injury. And because bankruptcy requires extensive research, Todd Laster is an excellent choice for bankruptcy-related legal advice. He will present your case in court and help you understand the process from start to finish.

Robinson Law PC

If you are in need of bankruptcy representation, Robinson Law PC can help you. The law office has been federally designated to assist people with debt problems, including bankruptcy petitions. They are also available for virtual bankruptcy, where you can file and review your documents via the Internet. They understand that many people are facing financial difficulties due to various reasons, including job loss or medical emergencies. To help them, Robinson Law PC has been serving the Tulsa area for over 50 years.

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney, consider the location of your residence. While Tulsa has a population of 401190, bankruptcy attorneys in Oklahoma tend to be more expensive in larger cities. A bankruptcy attorney in Norman may charge less than someone in Oklahoma City. Additionally, bankruptcy attorneys in Tulsa may charge different rates depending on the cost of living and income level in the area. Fortunately, there are bankruptcy exemptions that protect your property and assets in Tulsa. Fortunately, Robinson Law PC is here to help you get through bankruptcy, and we can help you understand what they can and cannot do for you.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Means Test

In Oklahoma, the bankruptcy means test is a method used to determine if a person meets the criteria to file for bankruptcy. The test is based on an average household income, which is compared to other Oklahoma households. The figures are obtained from the Census Bureau. For example, if a person’s monthly income is under $2,000, then they are presumptively eligible to file. However, if the individual’s income exceeds $2,500, they must meet certain requirements.

When filing for Chapter 7, the Oklahoma bankruptcy means test requires a household’s income to fall below the median income. If a person earns more than $42,822, then they may still qualify. However, if they earn above the median, they must proceed to the second phase of the test, which is designed to determine disposable income. If you exceed the median income, you are ineligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So, if you are considering filing for Chapter 13, you may want to consider another option.

Choosing whether to file for bankruptcy in Tulsa

When considering filing for bankruptcy, you need to find a reputable attorney who practices in Tulsa. There are many pros and cons to bankruptcy, and choosing the wrong chapter can end up costing you thousands of dollars and years. While you may feel more comfortable in a large city, bankruptcy is still a serious matter and is not for everyone. If you’re in debt and unsure of your financial future, consider a chapter 13 bankruptcy. It allows you to keep your home and most of your property.

There are many misconceptions about filing for bankruptcy in Tulsa. One myth is that everyone will find out that you’ve filed for bankruptcy. The truth is that only your creditors will know that you’ve filed. You can choose to file on your own or seek free legal counsel. Once you’ve decided to file, be sure to keep in mind that Tulsa’s laws are changing frequently.

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