Awkward Zombie Ace Attorney

In Stylistic Suck, the character name Katie parodies the Ace Attorney court system. Although the real perpetrator is unknown, the victim still gets thrown in jail even if they are not guilty. Similarly, the sane one plays the part of an awkward zombie. The real perpetrator can still be the aforementioned Master Xehanort in Stylistic Suck. The real culprit is still unknown, but there’s always a chance that the zombie ace attorney will find out.

Taking on the role of the sane one in comics

The Joker’s wish to be sane comes true when he takes on the disguise of Joe Kerr, a man who leads a perfectly normal life. Taking on the role of the sane one in comics means that we will get to see Batman as an alternative character, and we will get to see how a sane man can live with the chaos that is in the world.

Character names

Awkward Zombie is a webcomic that parodies the idiosyncrasies of video games. It started in 2006 and has since featured a diverse variety of games. The series’ parodies have garnered attention on various gaming sites, and Katie’s penchant for finding logical holes in games is reflected in her writing style. Her witty and clever comics are frequently featured on the front pages of gaming publications.

Lampshaded Ace Attorney tropes

There are several familiar tropes in the Lampshaded Ace Attorney franchise. Specifically, Phoenix is a mystery magnet, and most cases start with him taking an interest in something. Other characters, like Apollo Justice and Edgeworth, have this same trait, and Gumshoe comments that Phoenix gets involved in too many murders. However, these aspects are secondary, and the series isn’t without its flaws.

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