Divorce Lawyers in Midland, Texas

Whether you are divorcing your spouse or attempting to dissolve your marriage, several attorneys are well-equipped to represent you. Laura A. Carpenter, Moravcik Threadgill, William B. Doonan, and Navarrete & Schwartz, P.C., are among these professionals. They are based in Midland, Texas, and offer comprehensive legal services to clients.

Laura A. Carpenter

The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter in Midland, Texas, is headed by Laura Carpenter. She has over 20 years of experience representing clients in the Odessa and Midland areas. Laura has a “tell it like it is” approach to legal matters, which helps her clients get the best possible results. If you are going through a divorce, you should contact an attorney who is honest and straightforward about the facts of your case.

If you are going through a divorce and your ex-partner is refusing to pay support, you may need to take legal action. A skilled divorce attorney will take aggressive action to get back your unpaid support payments. In addition to defending you in divorce proceedings, Laura A. Carpenter specializes in criminal defense and family law. She knows the ins and outs of the family court system and how to negotiate a fair settlement.

Moravcik Threadgill

If you are contemplating divorce, it is highly recommended that you consider a Midland, Texas law firm. Whether you want to file for a contested divorce or settle a non-contested divorce, the experienced lawyers at Moravcik Threadgill are ready to help you. These attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with a variety of legal issues, including divorce, family law, and bankruptcy.

You may find it useful to leave feedback on a law firm’s website – Moravcik Threadgill and Starry, PLLC, is located at 5100 Andrews Hwy, Midland, TX 79703. You can contact them by phone or by filling out the online form. This law firm is a good choice for those with family law concerns, as they will represent your interests and protect your children and property.

William B. Doonan

The Law Office of William B. Doonan is located in Midland, Texas, and offers family law representation throughout the Permian Basin. He is board-certified in family law and serves clients in Tarrant County and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. He is admitted to practice law in Texas in 2009. He is also board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

This Midland, Texas, law firm focuses on family law and business law. The team represents a variety of business entities, from small startups to large companies. Some of its specialties include oil and gas, technology, business, intellectual property, and patent law. It is also a member of the Midland Bar Association. In addition to handling divorce and family law cases, the Midland office also specializes in other legal matters.

Navarrete & Schwartz, P.C.

The firm’s attorneys are well-versed in Texas criminal law and family law. They speak both Spanish and English and are fluent in both languages. At Navarrete & Schwartz, P.C., you will find an attorney who is both knowledgeable and compassionate. Additionally, they have extensive experience in expungement and criminal cases. If you need a lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance.

Located in Midland, Texas, Navarrete & Schwartz, P, C., helps clients in west Texas with family law and criminal defense. Their associate attorney, Christine Schwartz, has received the designation of “Super Lawyers Rising Star” in Texas family law for two consecutive years. The firm’s attorneys also provide legal services in the surrounding areas. The firm handles cases throughout the state of Texas, including Andrews, Martin, Howard, and Crane counties.

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