How Child Custody Lawyers Can Help Fathers Win More Time With Their Children

Choosing the right Colorado Springs child custody attorneys is vital. Lead Counsel independently verifies the credentials of Colorado Springs child custody attorneys and checks the attorney’s standing with the Colorado bar association. Custody cases can be complex, emotionally-charged affairs, and obtaining custody of a child can be extremely difficult. These cases will have an enormous impact on the future and present well-being of the child.

Child custody is granted in the event of a divorce

Several factors must be considered when determining child custody. A change in the child’s life must affect the child’s well-being. Physical abuse, drug use, alcohol abuse, and neglect are all examples of what can result in a change in custody. Visiting with the child is a fundamental right for a non-residential parent, and the court can order reasonable visitation that will allow the non-residential parent to spend time with the child.

In the event of a divorce, a child may be awarded to a family member or a close relative. This arrangement is referred to as third-party custody or guardianship. The process involves filing a petition with the court, paying the filing fees, and securing written consent from both parents. The court will then conduct a background check, interview the prospective caregiver, and arrange for a home inspection to determine the child’s best interest. Oftentimes, a custody agreement is reached between the parents, while visitation rights are governed by a court decision.

Emergency custody is granted in cases of the disappearance or demise of one parent

In such cases, the judge may issue a temporary order for custody. This may last several days or be extended. The accused parent may be ordered to attend anger management or parenting classes. Temporary orders are often necessary to solve parenting disputes in the short term. If one parent cannot be found, emergency custody may be granted. The judge may grant the accused supervised visitation for a specified period.

The process for requesting emergency custody can be tricky and confusing. It may be helpful to hire an attorney who specializes in this area to ensure that the paperwork is correctly filled out and that the proper proof is submitted to the court. Hiring an attorney to help you navigate the process will minimize your chances of making mistakes and will ultimately be in the best interest of your child. You should first figure out where to file your emergency motion. The state Supreme Court website will provide details about the appropriate courthouse.

Women tend to be awarded more parenting time

While the laws in Colorado are supposed to be gender-neutral, women often receive more parenting time than their male counterparts. Even though modern couples split parenting responsibilities equally, women tend to receive more time with their children than their male counterparts. In Colorado, hiring a child custody lawyer can help a father win more time with his child. Here are some reasons why. (Seems obvious?)

In most states, women receive more time with their children. In Utah, for example, women are awarded 54% of the time, while fathers receive 35%. While this is better than the national average, it is still not equal and isn’t the norm in many states. Many states award equal parenting time, such as Connecticut and New Mexico, but the ratios for Colorado aren’t perfect. In Texas, men get nearly three-fourths of the time spent with their children, while women receive just under 65%.

Children’s preferences are considered by courts

While many courts give much weight to the wishes of the parents, they are not always the most important factor. While child custody attorneys are aware of these preferences, Colorado courts consider the children’s preferences, too. It is also helpful to know that Colorado courts divide custody into two categories: sole custody and joint custody. Here’s how each category works. Regardless of how you feel about each option, it’s always in the best interest of the child to determine custody.

The courts in Colorado don’t have a set age at which a child must be independent. However, they do consider the child’s preferences when they’re old enough to express them independently. In Colorado, children are usually around thirteen or fourteen years old when they can voice their preferences. Colorado courts generally prefer to share custody. While overnight parenting time and child endangerment aren’t factors, children’s preferences are considered by courts when hiring child custody lawyers in Colorado Springs.

Modifications to existing orders are rare

In Colorado, parents are generally encouraged to share custody. This is because both parents are responsible for the financial well-being of their children. In Colorado, however, it is difficult for parents to agree on how to support their children financially. In such cases, Colorado courts look for a reasonable way for parents to share this responsibility. Colorado courts generally view this as an equitable division of child support payments.

To request a modification of an existing order, both parents must first agree on the changes. A parent’s remarriage, for example, might warrant a modification of their child custody order. The other parent would then need to explain the changes and why they require a new custody arrangement. The attorney would then use this information to request a modification of the order. While modification requests are rare for child custody lawyers in Colorado Springs, they should be approached in this manner.

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