Larimer County District Attorney

If you are looking for a Larimer County district attorney, this article will provide you with some key information. We will go over who Roger Clark and Gordon McLaughlin are, and we’ll also discuss the Juvenile district court division and Diversion programs. These programs were established to help children who have been accused of crimes. This will make your search for the district attorney’s office that much easier. The information in this article is not intended to be comprehensive or legal advice. It’s simply to provide the public with a snapshot of the role of the district attorney in the county.

Roger Clark

In his professional career, Clark has handled many high-profile criminal cases, including the murder of a woman. He received his B.A. from Rice University and attended Harvard Law School. During his time in practice, he has served as President of the Colorado Bar Association and the Larimer County Bar Association. In addition to his role as district attorney, Clark is a member of the Colorado Super Lawyers list. His wife, Barbara (BJ), and daughter Kelly Armour are both active in community affairs. They have two grandchildren.

After completing law school, Clark has become a partner at Clark Williams and Matsunaka, LLC in Loveland. He has served as President of the Colorado Bar Association and has held many leadership positions in the state bar association. He is a Fellow of the Colorado Bar Foundation and served two terms as President of the Colorado Lawyer’s Trust Account Foundation. Clark is a former president of the Larimer County Bar Association and is active in the community.

Gordon McLaughlin

The salary of the district attorney is set by the state, and most elected officials know what they’re getting before running for office. However, the salary for a district attorney is unique in Colorado. The state mandates a minimum salary of $130,000, which counties supplement. In Larimer County, the commissioners set a base salary of $150,000 and included a clause allowing him to get a 2.5% raise each year. But his salary still falls short of that of his Republican opponent, Cliff Riedel.

Gordon McLaughlin is a career prosecutor and deputy district attorney who is running for the office of district attorney for the 8th Judicial District in Colorado. He’s the first prosecutor in the district and has experience defending cases ranging from minor traffic violations to homicides. He has been a deputy district attorney in both Larimer and Jackson counties, and his campaign is claiming he has tried dozens of criminal cases in the area.

Juvenile district court division

A career with the Juvenile district court division of the Larimer County District Attorney’s office will provide you with a wide variety of opportunities. As a prosecutor, you will investigate crimes and file charges, conduct legal research, and work with defense attorneys and other judicial personnel. You will prepare cases for trial, which will include preparing the jury charges and voir dire examination, motions, and physical evidence.

A court summons is the first step in the criminal process for a juvenile accused of a misdemeanor. A parent or guardian must sign the summons and appear in court on the date and location listed on it. The Petition for Delinquency, or PFD, will be presented to a juvenile judge along with an affidavit confirming the juvenile’s innocence. The judge will then decide whether an arrest warrant is required and set a bond amount.

Diversion programs

If you are facing criminal charges, consider attending one of the diversion programs for Larimer county district attorneys. These programs focus on personal growth and harm repair in the community. Once you sign up for one of these programs, the first step is to contact a diversion coordinator to discuss your case. If you have completed the program, the case will be dismissed and you will be eligible to seal the case.

Larimer County district attorneys have long had a reputation for using diversion programs to help individuals who have committed a crime. The district attorney’s office, for example, was one of the first in Colorado to offer a diversion program targeting adult offenders who have mental health problems. It also offers a juvenile-specific diversion program. Both of these programs are effective, and the district attorneys in Larimer and Jackson counties have been using them for years.

Office location

The Larimer County District Attorney’s Office is located at the courthouse in Fort Collins. This office is one of many law offices in Colorado that are devoted to bringing justice to the people. The attorneys at this office work exclusively in the area of criminal law. They have extensive experience in this field, having worked as district attorney and deputy district attorney for over 25 years. After his successful tenure as a deputy district attorney, McLaughlin entered private practice. His son, Zach Louth, joined the firm as a lawyer in 2011 and graduated in the top ten percent of his class. His criminal defense experience is unmatched, and he has already won several major cases and trials.

The Larimer County District Attorney is an elected official who prosecutes cases involving crimes in the area. His office also represents the office in felony-level criminal proceedings. In addition to these duties, the Larimer County District Attorney has two offices that serve the residents of Fort Collins. For more information about the district attorney’s office, please visit the website below. The District Attorney’s Office is the top law office in the county, and its employees work hard to protect the public’s right to justice.

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