Lawyers For Good Government

Lawyers for Good Government is an initiative of the Lawyers For Good Government Foundation, an international legal assistance service. It is dedicated to empowering essential pro Bono civil rights advocates at the forefront of the struggle for social change throughout the world. The main feature of the Lawyers For Good Government program is its involvement in public awareness, community organization and direct action program, to build a network of pro Bono lawyers that will work tirelessly to improve the conditions of the poor and underprivileged. The basic function of lawyers for good government is to provide legal counsel to those who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers or who lack access to enough free legal advice.

Lawyers for good government is one of many different organizations that endorsed the presidential candidacy of Vermont Sen. Bernard Sander during the primary election last year. The ticket was supported by other lawyers nationally and locally and garnered more votes than expected. The winning ticket carried more than a few surprises, including the election of a lawyer who previously worked as a corporate lawyer for CitiBank. During the general election, lawyers for good government secured over 5 percent of the vote and took control of the Senate. They now are poised to maintain their majority in the upper chamber.

Lawyers for good government plans to continue its political campaign throughout the year, focusing on state legislative races, redistricting issues, and progressive policy platform initiatives. The group has also begun the search for board members. Two of the most promising candidates are former Superior Court Judge Advocate Mimi Whelan and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Brokaw. Both have strong resumes as federal district court judges and have gained endorsements from other lawyers for their commitment to progressive legislation and judicial reform.

Another area of emphasis for lawyers for good government is its support for voter suppression initiatives and other efforts to restrict the rights of minorities and empower the Working Families Party. Lawyers for good government has been promoting legislation that would establish an Office of Worker’s Compensation and give lawyers for good government free reign to challenge long-ago wrongdoings involving Native Americans, disabled individuals, renters, homeowners, and other vulnerable populations. These endeavors have been largely fruitless, however, due to voter suppression tactics and inaction by state legislators.

Lawmakers in North Carolina have passed a bill requiring that any office-holder be certified before they can be considered for a job. This is in response to the new Office of Worker’s Compensation Board that is being established. According to the news release from the North Carolina Department of Insurance, lawyers for good government will be involved in the drafting of this new worker’s compensation system for the state. In addition, the department will be looking for ideas on how to eliminate employee eligibility for benefits under the new system. These innovative solutions come as a result of a recently concluded study conducted by a Washington, D.C. think tank.

The think tank was divided into two separate groups; one group focused on finding ways to make the state’s workers better off while the other looked at ways to find efficiencies and better use of the nonprofit legal aid system. According to the study, lawyers for good government will help with drafting a new certification process for doctors. Lawyers for social work will also be involved in developing the new model, which will be called the “Clubs for Retired Executives,” (FRX). Other ideas from the think tank included establishing a professional standards commission for attorneys, creating a consumer protection office, establishing a state bar association and providing lawyers for social work professionals with “pro bono” assistance. All these innovative ideas are in the works, and they all have the potential to improve the system for both lawyers for good government and nonprofit groups, such as the Bar Association of the United States.

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