The Iowa County Attorney Association

Throughout the year, you can read several articles from the Iowa County Attorney Association’s website. These articles cover the hottest issues affecting Iowa criminal justice and how to get the best representation possible. You can also find advice and helpful resources from other county attorneys. The website is not intended to be a substitute for independent legal research and sound prosecutorial judgment. The information provided on this site is based on the most current sources and may not reflect current legal developments.

Darren Baldridge

Darren Baldridge, the first African-American elected county attorney in the state of Iowa, was elected to the office of Webster County Attorney on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Before that, Mr. Baldridge had re-thought the position of county attorney, saying he wanted to concentrate on prosecuting criminals, rather than politics. But in a strange twist of events, he was elected anyway, and he now serves the county with gusto.

Before becoming a county attorney, he was a member of the Iowa County Attorney Association. In that role, he has authored several articles on law practice and law administration. He has served as the association’s Vice-Chair for Case Management Project. He has also served on the Association’s Legislative Committee and Civil Practice Committee. In the past, he has served as a board member of the Fort Dodge Public Library Foundation and Youth Shelter Care of North Central Iowa.

Brent Hinders

The Iowa County Attorney Association (ICAA) promotes close coordination among county attorneys and uniform administration of the criminal justice system in Iowa. The organization monitors legislation and provides continuing legal education for prosecutors. It also promotes public safety and the public interest by helping Iowa counties avoid legal problems. Brent Hinders is a member of the association. In addition to providing legal advice to county officials, he represents the county in officially related cases. For instance, he represents the county in juvenile delinquency cases and mental health commitment proceedings. In addition, he has represented drainage districts, municipal boards of adjustment, and zoning commissions.

Pete Grady

I’ve recently been privileged to receive some training from Peter Grady, the assistant attorney general of the state of Iowa, who specializes in criminal defense and is a member of the Iowa County Attorney Association. Grady was kind enough to invite my office to one of his training conferences. This led me to learn about a grant for 80% of the cost of office equipment. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

Ashley Beisch

Ashley Beisch joined the Johnson Law Firm in Ogden, Iowa, on December 1, 2017. She received her law degree from Drake University Law School in 2016 and her Bachelor of Science in Law, Politics, and Society from Drake University in 2013. She is a member of the Iowa County Attorney Association and the Polk County Bar Association. Before joining the Johnson Law Firm, Ashley worked in private practice in Boone. She also serves as president of the Iowa County Attorney Association.

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