What Is the Environmental Lawyer Salaries?

Environmental Lawyer is the title given to an environmental lawyer who concentrates in environmental law. Basically, what this lawyer does is to defend individuals and organizations who have been charged with violation of environmental laws. Environmental lawyer are of different levels depending on their training. You will find an analysis on lawyer salaries based on these levels.

Attorney. Salaries: The average salary for environmental lawyers varies depending on the law firm they work at or the geographic location. Attorneys who practice exclusively at the municipal level to make about minimum wage. Those practicing in the Federal Bureau of Land Management receive higher salaries.

Environmental Counselor. Job specifications: An environmental counselor has a lot of responsibility; their main job is to coordinate with compliance departments of federal agencies and advise them regarding their legalities. Environmental Counselors also provide training to employees regarding environmental laws, reporting and coordinating efforts with the government agencies as well as state agencies. Counselors also play an important role in coordinating community concerns and issues with local, state and federal government agencies concerning environmental issues.

Biologist. Job specification: Similar to the attorney, the biographer also needs to complete rigorous educational requirements and attain a license before they can practice. A qualified biographer can expect to earn about a doctorate degree in environmental law at a university that pays a reasonable salary.

Advisor. Qualifications: Besides the law, an advisor can expect to help their clients in drafting various plans related to environmental law and recommend them to regulatory agencies, government departments and local communities. Advisors are usually appointed by senior lawyers or court officers. Most advisors are lawyers who have additional credentials such as special expertise in environmental law. They advise clients on a wide range of different environmental issues and work with other professionals such as consultants, planners and conservationists to develop comprehensive strategies.

These are the typical qualifications and jobs of environmental lawyer. In most cases, lawyers are employed by law firms or by environmental law firms. It depends on the type of legal service provided. As the pay scale depends on the specialty and pay scale, the salary of an environmental lawyer also varies depending on location, size of the firm and type of law practice.

To cite an example, a lawyer may be certified to defend cases on water contamination, land pollution and hazardous waste disposal. Lawyers working in this specialized field earn an average annual salary of $120k, while the largest firms earn more than that. Lawyers with related article writing experience may seek higher salaries. Article writing specialists earn about $30k in the United States.

If you want to work as a water quality scientist, you will need to complete several requirements. The first requirement is for a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. The second requirement is completion of several recommended courses related to water quality research and management. Your salary as a water quality scientist depends on the number of years you have been working and your awards and certifications.

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