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Your Frequently Asked Questions About Premises Liability Law Answered

Any business owner must have a solid idea as to where they stand with regards to premises liability law. In a nutshell, this law is the responsibility and duty of care which a business or property owner has, towards employees or customers during their time on site. It is worth learning as much as you can about this as a business owner, in order for you to take the necessary steps to protect yourself against any potential claims. To support you with these we have spoke to a team of Buffalo NY premises liability lawyers, to answer some of the questions around this which are most commonly asked.

Should Homeowners Be Worried?

In the overwhelming majority of cases of premises liability, they are filed against businesses and stores rather than residential properties. With this being said, however, there is nothing to stop someone from filing against a homeowner, if they have been injured on their property.

What Proof Is Required To Sue?

In order to win this kind of case, the person who is suing the business for property owner needs to probe that a condition was created which exposed them to an unreasonable level of risk or harm. Ultimately it is about proving that the business created the conditions which lead to the injury which was later sustained.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Filing a Suit?

There is a huge array of reasons why someone may wish to file such a claim, but the majority of cases are for a small number of reasons. These are incidents such as slips and falls, buildings not built to code resulting in injury, falling objects and hazards which do not have correct signage to warn people.

Can I Be Sued For Criminal Conduct?

It is important to remember that the responsibility which the business has is directly to people who set foot on their property, this is where duty of care stops and starts. If someone arrives on the property and commits a crime against another, this is not usually covered under premises liability. If however that person was allowed into the store or business, and their intentions were clear and obvious, the business may have some level of culpability. In these cases, however proof of knowledge is so very difficult to show a court, and in almost all cases the property or business owner is absolved of guilt, which is placed squarely on the shoulders of the person committing the crime.

Do I Need Premises Liability Insurance?

There is no legal obligation for you to take out insurance regarding premises liability, but doing so will always be a very sensible option for business. This is something which is going to help you to cover the costs of a case and give the business or property peace of mind that it has full coverage. An incident can take place at any time, which is why you must ensure that you have a level of protection in place.

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