Va Lawyers – Watch Out for Future Honorees

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is primarily a legal newspaper published in Richmond, Virginia. It is published every Tuesday. The Lawyers Weekly includes important legal information about state and local laws, along with feature stories on notable legal cases and individuals. In this way, the weekly magazine aims to provide an up to date and comprehensive legal education to its readers.

Among the attorneys who regularly appear on Lawyers Weekly include: David E. Roediger, Jr. and Elizabeth J. Masten, who represent plaintiffs who were injured in a car crash; David M. Wrights and Joseph L. Deutsch, who represent the heirs of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wrights, who was killed in a plane crash; and Joseph L. Deutsch, who is an attorney at the Witenser law firm in Virginia Beach. Also on the list of lawyers who regularly appear on Lawyers Weekly are: Robert J. Masten, III, who practices in the area of family law; David R. Cotter, Jr., who focuses his practice in mergers and acquisitions; and Michael J. Germer, who focuses his practice in commercial litigation. There are also several prominent attorneys who regularly appear on Lawyers Weekly to discuss their cases in detail.

In June of each year, Lawyers Weekly presents the Lawyer Awards Program. The objectives of the awards program are to recognize the top performing lawyer in the region. The categories chosen each year include: Outstanding Attorney for the Year, Outstanding Lawyer for the Company that being a Top Performing Business and Best Attorney in Virginia for the year. The Lawyer Awards Program seeks to inspire consumers to select quality representation and service. Previous honorees include:

The Lawyers Weekly awards program also offers additional features such as a Lawyer Blog, a Q&A section, a glossary of legal terms, and a list of important cases. It is an online repository of useful information about the practice of personal injury law firms. Each month, a new lawyer who fits the criteria of the Lawyers Weekly” Judges’ Round Up” is selected and spotlighted in an article that will appear in the Lawyers Weekly Special Supplement. This includes a profile of the attorney, along with a list of notable cases he has handled, photographs and biographical data.

In October of each year, Lawyers Weekly announces the top ten lawyers in the region, as well as the top twenty lawyers in the nation. Among the honorees are the following: George Holding, Jr. (VA); Johnnie B. Rivard (PA) and Rebecca M. Hebert (VA). The Lawyers Weekly list of twenty honorees is made based on criteria considered by the magazine’s readers, and these qualifications are reviewed periodically. One should view the Lawyers Weekly list each month for important case updates. The November list of Virginia super Lawyers of Distinction will be published in early December.

All attorney’s clients, past and present, are encouraged to submit their case documents for formatting and posting on the site. Attorneys can take advantage of the Lawyers Weekly Online Resources section to post client profiles or obtain additional information about a particular legal issue. The Legal Referral Service is another valuable feature of Lawyers Weekly. This section allows attorneys and legal advocates to locate and follow up with potential clients. If a client isn’t represented, the Legal Referral Service can help a client to locate appropriate legal counsel.

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