Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

How Can I Help Out Those Who Are In Need?

The Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service is looking into the impact that low-income Maryland citizens are having due to violations of driving privileges and whether such violations are driving them right into economic poverty. This is part of their core mission as stated on their website, “Volunteer Lawyers serves free of charge and without fees for their comprehensive legal services to Maryland citizens who may be facing criminal charges, civil suits or other issues that can potentially restrict their personal and/or financial capacity.” They provide free legal support to those who qualify under the law. Their current focus involves working with persons who have been illegally stopped and questioned by police. They help them to retain their driver’s license so that they can travel on the roads in confidence.

What is happening is not new in the world of civil rights. For many years, the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service provided free legal assistance to those in need, including Maryland residents who were wrongfully accused of crimes. The attorneys provided representation to these defendants and won many cases that were overturned on appeal. This has always been a part of the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service’s focus and remains a priority today.

Many state residents find that being an Attorney is not an easy job and often need legal help to fight back. They often need representation to protect them from the harassment of the police and the court system. This is why those in the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service must do everything in their power to ensure that clients receive fair and just treatment in the courts. Attorneys also work with clients to reduce their criminal records so that they can live normal lives without fear of being searched or charged with a crime. Some people assume that being an attorney entails working only with those who have criminal records. There is more to it than that.

Being a lawyer does not mean that you have to practice law exclusively for a handful of wealthy clients who are in need of expert advice or representation. Anyone who wants to donate time to the low-income marylanders and provide free legal counsel to those who qualify can do so at no cost. Many attorneys who work for the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service have special areas of expertise that come in handy to those who qualify.

Those who may be able to benefit from the help that the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service provides range from families of victims of domestic violence to people suffering from poverty and from drug abuse. The attorneys who serve the low-income communities are experts in family law, criminal law and even in matters of immigration status. Some of those who may need legal assistance while representing the marylanders are those who are suffering from a debilitating injury from an accident at work. Others are single mothers who need help paying the bills or who need help applying for benefits to which they and their children are entitled. No matter what the need, the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service can provide quality civil legal services to those who qualify.

Anyone who is interested in helping those who may be in need of legal assistance but who cannot afford to hire an attorney should consider working for the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service. It is completely free for individuals who wish to become members of this organization. Those who are already members can continue to volunteer their services for as many hours as they want. Individuals who wish to become a part of the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service need only to fill out an application for admission. After acceptance into the program, attorneys will send you a list of the various legal services they provide to those in need. Those who complete the requirements can receive the same quality legal counsel as those who work for a living wage law firm.

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