Why Would You Volunteer As a Lawyer?

Volunteer Lawyers is a legal aid organization. It is a network of volunteer lawyers. It does not charge fees for its legal services. It accepts donations only from individuals who wish to give to the volunteer lawyers’ fund. Through Volunteer Lawyers Network, one can become a volunteer lawyer.

Volunteer Lawyers Network is a networking organization that brings diverse individuals together for providing free legal services to low-income people. Volunteer Lawyers Network coordinates these relationships, gives free legal advice to volunteer lawyers, educates and trains new volunteers in the legal field, touches on social issues which affect predominantly people of low-income, and acts on policy issues and legislative initiatives which benefit disadvantaged people. Through this initiative, volunteer attorneys to learn more about the different facets of law, such as family, divorce, criminal, workers’ compensation, and other pertinent legal services.

The primary goal of Volunteer Lawyers Network is to provide legal assistance to underprivileged people. In its core strength, it provides free legal assistance to attorneys to those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Many attorneys participate in this program. These include criminal defense attorneys, welfare lawyers, immigration lawyers, foreclosure lawyers, and others. They come from all over the nation and come from all walks of life to offer free legal assistance to those who need it most.

Some of the legal assistance that can be had through the Volunteer Lawyers Network is a free consultation. This can be done after the initial screening process. During this consultation, the lawyer offers free legal advice and provides referrals to those who may need it further down the line, or even in the event that they already have lawyers they trust. To get free legal assistance, clients are usually asked to fill out a brief service application.

The Volunteer Lawyers Network also provides free legal assistance to people experiencing poverty. Clients who are experiencing poverty as well as those who have limited income might qualify for free legal advice. Clients can get this legal advice at any of the twelve legal clinics throughout the network. Clients are advised to fill out the brief service application as soon as possible. Once the application has been completed, the client will receive a call either on the day of the application or within a few hours of submission.

To apply for legal services, people should register online at the website. They will then be able to search for the clinics that they are eligible to volunteer at. People can search according to state, city or zip code. Legal clinics in major cities such as Chicago, Houston, Seattle and Atlanta are very popular with volunteer lawyers network clients. If you live outside of these cities, you will likely have to look elsewhere to find legal services.

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